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Welcome To Barber Below

Speakeasy BARBERS . northern quarter


Our Roots

Have you ever been to a barbers in Manchester? Have you ever had the same problems as us? Not enough room to swing a cat, long waiting times, questions like "hows the girlfriend?" and "did you see the footie?". Do you ever feel like everyone can hear your conversations and that you're being watched by everyone passing by the shop window?...


Our squad

Choosing a barber is a HUGE deal. We get that. A great barber is for LIFE. We can assure you that within our diverse squad we have the right match for you. A match made in Manchester. All our barbers are trained to the highest of highs so all you've gotta do is pick someone you like. Check out their bios to see if anyone floats your boat...


Rob Czlapka - owner

Remember when you were a kid and your dad was driving you round town whilst playing a david bowie album? that's the feeling we want to tap into. that nostalgia

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