FREE Haircuts, Pizza & Popcorn

The 2 lead barbers for Barber Below, Nathan & Tommy (@nathtape & @the_era_barber)

Set up chairs and photography lighting at arguably THE hottest coffee house in Manchester, Foundation Coffee! (@fdncoffee)

“Let us know when you want to do it again and its done!”
— Foundation Coffee

BARBERS on the BLOCK is a set up of two barbers popping up in a location usually a cafe/bar/retail space. We cut hair for 2 hours, With gents approaching all night to get fixed, we were already fully booked out before we had even fully set up. We had to prepare for a night of non-stop chopping!

Having smashed a few of these nights at various locations, Foundation proved to work the best for us. They brought high quality customers and also the Foundations coffee team offered to design social media marketing + physical posters to really get involved and help support the event.

The event was a smash! Nathan & Tommy popped up, Chopped heads & locked it off! With no hesitation, Foundation coffee team approached Nathan & Tommy straight away with “Let us know when you want to do it again and its done!”

So our second BARBERS on the BLOCK date is locked in at Foundation coffee on the 8th March 2017. More details soon to follow!

If you'd like for Nathan and Tommy to pop up where you work, give us a shout in the comments below