Manchester Barbers

our roots

Have you ever been to a barbers in Manchester? Have you ever had the same problems as us? Not enough room to swing a cat, long waiting times, questions like "hows the girlfriend?" and "did you see the football?". Do you ever feel like everyone can hear your conversations and that you're being watched by everyone passing by the shop window?

At Barber Below we do things differently. Based 18 feet underground in the Northern Quarter and only accessible through a hair salon (RCNQ) we have created a space larger than life. Our Speakeasy barbers is an attitude-free environment where you can escape the hectic, rushed city lifestyle of Manchester.

Created with the concept of an ANTI-barbers to completely change the way you experience a haircut. For our down-to-earth team, the primary focus is YOU. No frills. No gimmicks. We like to keep it simple. We are passionate about hair and that's our main priority.